Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apple MacBook MC207LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop


1- I was looking for a laptop for my GF for Xmas. I got an awesome deal on this $849 delivered through Amazon. I don't know if the price will come down again like that, but I will keep watching.

I originally started out on C=128, then an Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 (The true 'multimedia pioneer' not Apple) and have been a Windows user for sometime now, my main computer at home is W7, and I admit, I like it a lot. So here is my view as a "PC User"

It arrived and was nicely packed. After unpacking, I opened it up and powered it on Viola! Comes to life, asks a few questions, and we are done. The first thing I notice is no butt-load of crap-ware found on most PC's (McAffee, Norton, RealMedia and the plethora of other junkware I usually must spend about 20 mins removing).

Next I set up her email, it asked for her Email address/pw (which is hotmail) and boom, away it goes determining the server and settings, next thing I know its downloading her Email messages! Fortunately the default was set NOT to delete them from the server. I set up a few "Smart Mailboxes" for family members and friends which was easy.

Next install was Skype, download, install and done easy-peasy! No spitting files all over the drive, and registry, etc...

I really like is the multi-touch pad, pretty sweet, the OS reminds me al ot of the older Amiga days with the menu bar up top.

That was about all it really needed, so on Xmas morning she can open it up and start using it. There is a slight learning curve, but nothing huge, any PC user would pick it up quickly.

The build is solid, it doesn't feel cheap.
The LED backlit display is very nice and easy on the eyes.
Keyboard feels nice and easy to use.
Many operations in this are pretty intuitive for any PC user to pick up on.
Even with its 5400RPM HD, The OS still feel snappy and responsive.
It has been a real pleasure to use. I wouldn't mind getting one for myself.

$849 was a steal, and any similar configured, quality PC would have cost about the same. It was too hard to pass up at this price.

I would like to download Parallels (I think thats it) and try running my older copy of Vista or XP in it. Id that works pretty well, I may just upgrade to the iMac or a MacBook like this.

If you are on a budget, there are plenty of fine PC Laptops out there. If you can afford a little bit more but still want value, I would seriously consider this laptop. If you have an Apple store near you, try to get over there and check them out (something I also did before purchase).

Another interesting thing I notice when looking around at Mac's they hold their value MUCH better than a PC. There are older versions out there going for $600. I figure if anything, in 2 years we can sell this, and get the latest model at a "discount".

I would not call myself a "convert", but I would certainly like to add a Macbook to my lineup of hardware! 

2- This is a great laptop but the aluminum body Macboook Pro is much hardier for $ 200 more. Of course the Apple laptops are 30 to 40% higher priced than HP and other Windows laptops so you need to see which OS suits you best - Windows 7 or Mac OSX.
Also the price of this laptop was $999 list and sold to me by Amazon for $952 + tax. Around 2 weeks later the price has gone down to $ 884.98. I feel ripped off.


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