Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Compaq Presario CQ61-410US 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black)


1- Great computer with HD Screen, the new Windows 7 so user friendly, and I love the expanded keyboard - with numbers set off to the side. I was looking at laptops twice the price ($600-$700) when I saw this one pop up on the best sellers list for Amazon. The only difference between the higher price notebooks and this Compaq is that it does not have a webcam or 4 GB of memory - it only has 2 but is expandable to 4. You can't get a better laptop for the price $379. Very happy with my purchase! 

2- I am a college student on a limited budget. I wanted a computer for under $500 that I could use for movies, video games, and homework. I bought the CQ61-410US a month ago and it has been working perfectly. I run Counter-Strike source on it and it runs well. It is quiet, has a nice battery life, although I have not let it die yet. I have dropped my laptop a couple times and it still works well. I would definitely recommend buying this. A+  

3- I just received this nice 15.6" notebook and I admit that I like it! The sound is great. The keypad is really handy when you need it. And the reponse of this computer is satisfying with windows 7 loaded.

However, pictures in its product page might be a deceiving. Although they are shown in the pics, this model does NOT come with a webcam and HDMI. I was surprised when I opened the box and found this truth. Hence, I further digged into the specification sheet and found that I was wrong. Beware, if you think this is really a steal with a webcam and HDMI for this low price, you may just make a mistake like what I did.

In all, I do not regret my decision of buying it at all. You can buy a netbook for $299.99. But I will pay a little bit more to go with this notebook ($379.99) with full capability, faster processing speed and a DVD burner in trade of the mobility. Now, I am going return my cute but slow netbook...


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